GOLD – Are we heading up to $2020 by 2020y | Tengkolok Trading

Gold is showing a very good structure at 5MIN timeframe based on Elliott Wave counting. We are expecting a good uptrend move towards 2020!. How irony, in the year 2020 our Gold price expected to hit $2020. Let’s lookout on the engine behind the idea of $2020.

1 – Idea is develop with our 5MIN analysis indicating a major pull back for BUY position. BUY at breakout

Gold : 5MIN Chart Analysis by 30 JULY 2020

2 – The price drop, Still in BUY mode as it is around the area of pullback based on Fibonacci understanding.

Gold : 5MIN Chart. * Sorry we forgot to snapshot the analysis. The Purple Arrow is before the incident

3 – Our BUY position is being supported by Bookmap Feed

Bookmap Feed : We are on BULL Gold. *Ask us on how to read it.

4 – We share our entry with our Subscribers at Premium Pro Trial

MT4 Live Entry – We Entry & Share with our Subscribers

5 – Gold, what is our next move?

Gold : 5MIN Chart -31 JULY 2020. Towards $2020

6 – How about Bookmap Feed? It does advertise us the possible future Resistant near $2000.(~~$1997 to be exact)

Bookmap Feed : Heatmap showing future SnR.
Future Strong Resistant – $1997 ASK=102 lot
Future Support – $1978 BID =10 lot

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