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Zahra BOT is a Telegram BOT that is fully developed by Tengkolok Trading(starting from the source code up to self-managed by the cloud server). It is designed to ease the Tengkolok Trading subscribers to join the channels for Bookmap feeds. The UI (User Interface) is very user friendly & easy to use.

Our developer thinks that the process of adding the users should be easy & the cost needed must be minimum (Covid-19 era, we should minimize the cost!). The important part is, we need to deal with 9 Instruments & our subscribers must feel easy to interact with it. Tengkolok Trading committed to delivering Bookmap Feed that will always reach timely(reach to telegram channel) & so that the decision of trades can be executed flawlessly. As we go over the horizon, Stock products are coming down like NASDAQ & EDGX Bookmap Feed (based on subscribers need). Currently, we only support Futures.

How to use Zahra BOT?


Click DESTAR BOT MANAGER LINK : http://@destar_manager_bot
Click Manage Destar subscription
Click Join Destar channel
Click Your Desired Instruments


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tifia3-485x1024.jpg
Tifia@TengkolokTrading – Click Join Destar Channel

Tifia@TengkolokTrading – Choose Feed based on deposit amount
Tifia@TengkolokTrading – Confirm the Bookmap Feed
Tifia@TengkolokTrading – Click Remove Destar Channel to change instrument(refer step 1). Weekly basis
Tifia@TengkolokTrading – Completing the Changing of Instrument
Tifia@TengkolokTrading – Sign of the Account is being terminated due to several reasons like NO TRADING ACTIVITY

DONE! Enjoy your content.

*If the Channel is not generated. Try using the below steps:

Redo joining the Destar BOT manager http://@destar_manager_bot

by typing /start or click return

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