USDCAD – 2020.04.17: Will this Pullback continues to drop?

For the past hours of charting, we are seeing a lot of interesting volumes of bids and asks that are participating in the market of USDCAD (Metatrader5) or CADUSD (NinjaTrader8 & Bookmap X-Ray).


We are using Moshed Magic Line for Intraday trading, at H1 Chart.

6C 06-20 NT8 Range 4 Chart (CADUSD Futures)

Iceberg Lots is hidden lots that can’t be seen thru all platforms. The main intention of institutional traders using this facility is to prevent from skewing the market.

Please note that in Futures (6C @ CADUSD), chart is inverse to MT5 (USDCAD).

6CM20:XCME Bookmap X-ray (CADUSD Futures)

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