Tengkolok Trading is born with the idea of from a normal traders to informed traders. Our team is a hardcore user of technical analysis & we come to an agreement why our entry always go wrong before right on the line? We are trying adopting many technique to suit with our technique in order to get the best price. The result, always not a result that we expect for. Around 2016, our search come to an end with the new knowledge called Depth of Market. This is the start of new era of our trading strategy. Along the way, it is not easy to learn the Depth of Market. It is a new realm of environment & we need to learn it fast. 

The Depth of market idea leading us to a tool namely Bookmap. It is designed by fellow wall street traders that embedded the heatmap to locate the liquidity for any instrument that is verified. The user interface itself is very easy to read compared to other tools like Jigsaw trading etc.

Vision & Mission

Tengkolok Trading is committed to provide an Institutional tool for retail traders in terms of Bookmap Feed. The Bookmap Feed is build to provide the information behind the markets.  

Core Approach

Bookmap :
Tengkolok Trading team using the Bookmap Feed to streamline the information to the retail traders using Telegram apps. Traders with different kind of background or techniques can use Bookmap Feed to improve the Trading Decision. Based on experienced, Bookmap Feed will highly help the Scalper & Intraday traders.

Modern Elliott Wave :
Elliott Wave is a known technical analysis to help traders predict the next price movement based on market structures that develop through time. The essence of Elliott Wave is a leading indicator surpassed all the lagging indicator like stochastic, MA etc. Elliott Wave is evolving through time & we are elevating the idea of evolving patterns to match with current market scenario without compromising the basic rules. The idea is easy, most of the time market is in a corrective mode rather than impulsive mode. Our approach is trading the corrective.